Q: I want to buy a summoner name from your list.  What do I do now?
If you have not already done so, contact me on Discord (Midnight Casino#4317) OR Skype (link below) OR through the contact tab. From there we can discuss price, payment method, and any other questions you may have.
Q: Is there a way I can opt-in to updates about new or upcoming summoner names?
If you're interested in participating in bidding, or want to receive frequent updates, please join my discord server here:  https://discord.gg/hawx53h

Q: I don't see anything that I like right now. How often do you get new names?  When will you have another extremely rare name?
I get new names almost daily.  Most of these names will NOT be auctioned and will instead be low price.  For "really good" names, I will often hold an auction ahead of time.  Please see the "Name Sniping Service" page on the left.

Q: I have names of my own.  Can I sell or trade to you?
I no longer buy names from other people. This is for the safety of my customers as well as my own. I will CONSIDER trades, but only if I am receiving cash as well.

Q: There is a name expiring soon that I REALLY want. Can I offer ahead of time and reserve the name?
Yes. If you make a large offer ahead of time and I agree to sell to you, I will honor the agreement unless I receive an offer that is A LOT larger.  See the "Name Sniping Service" page on the left.

Q: I don't have money right now, but I really want one of your names.  Can you hold it for me?
If you don't have the money to pay right now, I can hold a name for maybe a day.  If you can't get back to me in time I may sell it to another customer.  If you give me a really good offer and also put money down ahead of time I would be willing to hold it for much longer.

Q: How do you price your names? Do you accept offers? What is the average price of a name?
I price my names based on their length, meaning, desirability (how many people ask about/for it and add it in game), prices of similar names I've sold in the past, and my overall experience in this market. I encourage offers and will accept any offer that I deem reasonable. 
The average name sells for anywhere between $10-50.
The best of the best names typically go for anywhere between $50-500.

Q: Do you give discounts?
Check the prices tab on the left for a list of cheaper names ($10 and lower)
I also give bulk discounts if you are buying more than one name, and I also give discounts to returning customers.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
I only accept gift payments the following ways:

- PayPal Payment (Friends and Family only -- this is my preferred method)
PayPal MyCash Card (I will redeem first)
Bitcoin/Litecoin (Would have to charge a little more than agreed upon amount to cover fees/volatility)
- Amazon Credit (Would have to charge a little more than agreed upon amount)

Q: How does the trade work?  What do I receive when paying?
If you're buying a name I already own (listed): You are essentially paying for the account containing the name, and the original sign-up information I used.  HOWEVER, for an extra $10 (to cover my RP cost) I can help you with the name swap which is much faster and easier.
If you're buying an expiring name ahead of time:  You are paying ahead of time for the service of me procuring a name for you, with me logged into your main account.
Once I receive the agreed upon sum, I remit the account details and the original sign-up email to you.  Please log-in ASAP to confirm.

Q: How do I get the name onto my main account? Should I swap right away?
If you're buying an account I already own, see the "How To Swap" tab on the left where I cover both swapping methods in detail.
Yes, I highly recommend swapping the name onto your account as soon as possible.  If you don't plan on swapping for awhile, play a game at least once a month to prevent expiration.

Q: What kind of risk, if any, is involved with buying a name? Who bears this risk?
I recommend speaking to me with regards to how you intend on swapping, before you do it. There is risk involved, although it is very small. If you are manually swapping, there is always a very slim chance that someone will try to change their name to yours as you are swapping.  This can be alleviated by either swapping using the "Riot Method", having a friend help you swap manually, or using a second computer to swap manually. Additionally, those who break the Terms of Service in any way are at higher risk of having their accounts banned, which would include your summoner name.  Be careful. All risk is assumed by the buyer.  Once the name is sold, anything that happens is out of my control. I have no influence over what happens afterwards and therefore cannot be held liable.

Q: Can I return a name that I bought previously? 
No, there are no returns and no refunds.  However I give return customers discounts and I am more than willing to work with you if you decide you don't like the name after purchase.

Q: How should I know you are legit?
I've been selling summoner names for over two years to hundreds of different customers.  Collecting and selling names is a hobby of mine. I have no reason to scam anyone, and never have done so as it would hurt my good reputation.  If you'd like to see my vouches, check the vouches tab on the left.  Also, feel free to join my discord server (500+ people as of 12/26/2017) and view the vouches tab.

Q: Can you teach me your secrets?
Nope, I worked way too hard to get to this point. Sorry! :)