How to Swap

There is now only one way to properly swap a purchased name onto an account you own:

Manual Swap Method
- Risk of having name sniped mid transfer, especially for high value names 
If you would like a summoner name safely moved onto your main account (for free), please contact saki#0001 on discord
- Quickest method (Instantly get the new name onto your main account.)
- Less exposure to Riot
- Requires two name changes, one from your main and one from the account containing the OG.
- Can be done 2 different ways: Completely by yourself (with two computers) OR with another person helping you from the purchased account.

Required: Sufficient IP/RP for a name change on both accounts. 

Step 1: Log into the account with the name you purchased. Purchase at least 1300 RP (Currently $10 = 1380 RP)
Step 2: Log into your main account at the same time. Ensure you have enough RP (1300) or IP (13900) for a name change on your main account.
Step 3: On your main account, go to the name change screen. Type the purchased name in both fields with the desired capitalization and hit "Check Name" to prepare for the name swap.

IMPORTANTAfter you complete Step 4 below, Step 5 should be completed as quickly as possible afterwards. If I am helping you with the swap, or you are having a friend help, do a countdown over voice before the name is changed. If you don't grab the name the first time, try again because you may clicked "check name" too soon.

Step 4: Whoever is logged into the purchased account will change the name (It can be ANYTHING that isn't taken, this is simply to get the purchased name off of the account and available to be taken)
Step 5: QUICKLY - On your main account, click Check Name first and then change the name of your main account to the purchased name which you just freed up. If it doesn't work the first time, try once more as you may have clicked too early.  Once successfully changed, you will be logged out. When you log back in the summoner name will be on your main account.

Disclaimer: ALL RISK is assumed by the buyer when swapping names using the Manual Method

Riot Ticket Method:
Riot Ticket Swaps are NO LONGER SAFE! See below.
Please do NOT try to riot ticket swap as it will most likely result in your name being banned!