Name Sniping Service

10/4/2017 UPDATE: 
My name sniping service has changed -- it is strictly for names that are not in high demand.  Highly demanded names will be sniped on my own, and auctioned off normally. If you are interested in a god-tier name, feel free to bid ahead of time but do be aware I will be conducting bidding afterwards as well.  Join my discord for auction updates on these god-tier names.

Method 1 (minimum $25):  My preferred method. Shortly before the name expires, I log into your account from a server reasonably close to your approximate physical location and grab the name for you. You MUST have 1300 RP or 13900 IP on your account. Further instruction will be provided after payment.

Method 2 (minimum $30):  I snipe the name on one of my own accounts, and then give you the account containing the name.  I am not responsible for anything that may happen afterwards.  I suggest manually swapping, however you are free to try Riot support chat swapping as well.

*Refunds ARE provided if I am unable to snipe the name.