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Old Site Vouches:
Quick to respond and seamless exchange. Would reccomend
--Alex - 8/27/2017

so good to work with
--Sotg - 8/16/2017

Very quick response, got the name seconds after sending payment! Quick and Easy.
--Nate - 7/26/2017

I went first, smooth transaction. Helped me swap name cause Riot is useless, thanks bud.
--Soar - 7/25/2017

Very fast and easy
--Mung - 7/25/2017

My first time buying from him, he was super nice and understanding! The process was fast and there was no funny business. I'm definitely looking forward to purchasing again!
--♥ - 7/16/2017

Very fast response. Easy and quick transaction. Would definitely buy from him again. Highly recommended!
--Shigglesfat - 7/13/2017

Second time buying a name from him. I went first. Was super fast and quick. 10/10 would buy again.
--Andrew - 7/13/2017

Was quick and easy
--Exude - 6/25/2017

Very quick responder as well as cheap prices! Willing to come back for me. Thank you.
--Cal - 6/22/2017

Kind guy that was patient with my request. Really happy of the service, cheap prices and will be buying more names when needed!
--Gor - 6/16/2017

Very professional and polite. He was very friendly and got me hooked up with my new name quickly. Will definitely be coming back for smurf names.
--Tristan - 6/11/2017

Got the name instantly after paying. Extremely affordable and friendly guy. Thanks!
--xtcyz - 6/4/2017

Super friendly, super fast, cheap af. Walks you through exactly what you have to do, if I ever need a new summoner name, I'm hitting him up 100%
--colton - 6/3/2017

Replied almost immediately, extremely professional and fair seller. An absolute pleasure to work with, couldn't be happier.  
--Small Cat - 6/2/2017

My nigga I been dealin with this goon for about 8 months now. Loyal to him <3  
--Mason - 5/17/2017

Done within 5 minutes, got my name that I'm never changing  
--DG - 5/1/2017

Was really patient, and genuine! Thanks
--空色 - 4/27/2017

Super friendly and got the info right away, v excited ^o^
--em - 4/27/2017

It was quick and easy, thanks
--Aleck - 4/26/2017

Literally the best og league seller :)
--Heart - 3/30/2017

Fast, friendly and a reputable seller.
--Kevin L - 3/28/2017

Really friendly, fast, and professional. I really do recommend him if you are looking into buying a name.
--Sensitive - 3/27/2017

Easy, fast purchase! Thanks :)  
--Atlas - 3/22/2017

really nice guy, always trustworthy. only thing is he needs to tell me his secrets :")
--WAI NATOWI LIEW - 3/1/2017

Quick, easy, and polite. Will definitely be here again if I ever want a new name.
--Brian - 2/22/2017

I was skeptical at first, he was understanding and accommodating. We did the whole thing safely through player auctions. Thanks.
--Nate - 2/13/2017

Helpful, patient and the transaction was quick and easy. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a new IGN. Prices are fair as well.
--T - 2/1/2017

Was very nice, worked fast, thanks and vouch  
--Pingu - 1/31/2017

very friendly guy! fast and easy transaction, will definitely come back again. 
--ashley - 1/8/2017

The service was great, quick, and easy. He even gave me a discount since I bought more than one name!  
--Jeffrey - 1/8/2017

Dude's sick dropped me a mad list of free names and I snagged a few, awesome af.
--Happy Dude With A Cool Name - 1/4/2017

Nice Guy, got a sweet name for 30$. I went first and he delivered instantly. Made sure i was taken care of. Recommended!
--Pity 12/12/2016

Great guy. I've always followed OG league names and Midnight has been my go-to for questions. I wouldn't recommend using anyone but him, his prices are fair and he's a good guy.
--Will 12/12/2016

Quick and easy transaction. Would recommend.
--Chris 12/10/2016

Bought Too Many Names To Count. Great Guy Very Quick And Smooth, Cares About The Customer A+
--Vince 12/6/2016

Just got an OG name for a VERY cheap price awesome service and very fast to respond and professional. Would come back again for another name!
--Nap 12/6/2016

It super clean, nice, quick and easy bought a name for $160 10/10 would bang again~
--Duck 12/2/2016

Quick n painless, fair price. :)
--Jake 11/30/2016

Quick, fast, and professional. Will recommend to friends.
--Dust 11/17/2016

10/10 Responded really quickly and was friendly throughout the process. Was also very patient! Also explains everything very well. WOULD recommend!
-- Cohn 11/15/2016

A+, 10/10, Fast... Reliable... Trustworthy. Will do business again
-- Jim 11/14/2016

Fast and smooth trade like always!
-- Sly 11/8/2016

Super Easy & Fast I vouch for this guy
-- Lucky 11/8/2016

+1 by far the cheapest names you'll ever find online, a 4 letter and variety of names for under $25? How is that possible? He went first, I paid after, got all the info, id, pw, original email. Do not hesitate to buy from him, if you have any questions about this vouch contact me on mpgh. 
- Kaoruux 11/6/2016

Smooth transaction. Great guy. 10/10.
- Mark 11/6/2016

This dude is AWESOME! Worked out a trade with me for a name I really wanted. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an OG name. 10/10 would definitely buy from again.
- Jesse 11/6/2016

If you have any questions about the above vouches, please do feel free to ask. All of these were taken from submissions to my Google Form above.